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Heating oil doesn't need to be confusing.

We're on hand to make it as easy as possible. Take a look at our FAQ's and useful information below. If you can't find what you're looking for, just call the team on 01543 506117 or email and we'll be happy to help.

New to home heating oil?

If you have moved to a new house that requires heating oil, find out everything you need to know about home heating oil.

New to home heating oil

We have created a home heating oil guide to give you all the information you need to know.

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New to home heating oil?

If you have moved to a new house that requires heating oil, find out everything you need to know about home heating oil.



What is heating oil?

Heating oil is an alternative fuel source to electricity and gas. It is primarily used in heating oil boilers and oil-fired range cookers. It is an extremely popular alternative source of energy for homes that are not connected to the national gas network. Nearly 2.7 million homes are not part the national gas network, and heating oil is a convenient and low-cost solution for these properties.

Heating oil is delivered by fuel tankers that are specially designed for making deliveries to homes. These tankers pump fuel into the oil storage tanks that are usually located outside a property.

How do I know which heating oil tank I need for my property?

AID Fuel Oils are on hand to help you select an appropriate heating oil storage tank for your property.

While we offer both single skinned and bunded oil storage tanks, we advise the use of a bunded tank where possible for added protection. This bund is an external protective layer that can hold 110% of the inner tank, meaning no oil will leak in the event of damage or an overspill. While single skinned tanks can be used in domestic properties, they cannot be used when:

  • The tank size is in excess of 2500 litres
  • The tank is located within 10m of controlled water (river, ditch, septic tank, etc.)
  • The tank is located where a spillage could enter an open drain
  • The tank is within 50m of a well, borehole or spring
  • The tank is in close proximity to any other environmental hazard

For more information on our range of heating oil storage tanks, visit our online store here or call our customer care team on 01543 506117.

Do you supply a premium grade heating oil?

Yes, we offer Kerosene plus as a more efficient home heating oil fuel. Kerosene plus helps to improve oil boiler performance by producing a better burn. Find out more about Kerosene + here.

How can I pay for my heating oil?

There are various ways of paying for your oil:

1. Pay online with a debit or credit card.

2. By calling our customer care team and paying via Visa, Mastercard or Switch card.

3. By direct debit via our AID Smart Alert scheme.

How often do I need fuel?

This is dependent on various factors including the size of your home, how much you use your heating and the capacity of your heating oil tank.

If you’re worried about monitoring your fuel levels, we can help! With our Smart Alert scheme, we take control and monitor your tank levels for you. As soon as your tank drops below a specified level, we will schedule a prompt heating oil delivery and notify you when it’s on its way. Find out more about Smart Alert here.

What happens if I don’t need as much fuel as I order?

Rest assured that you only ever pay for the fuel we deliver to you. When our driver makes your delivery, the fuel we put into your tank is metered on the tanker and your final payment amount recalculated based on the actual quantity delivered, meaning you’ll only pay for the fuel you receive.

How quickly can you deliver?

Deliveries are usually scheduled within three to five working days of your order being placed. If you’re very low on oil, contact us on 01543 506117 and we will do all we can to get to you sooner.

We do also offer a next day delivery option when ordering online. You can order online here

Do you do emergency, same-day deliveries?

If you run out of heating oil please contact us as soon as possible on 01543 506117. We will try and get a delivery out to you as soon as we can.

I have restricted access to my property, can you still deliver to me?

Not a problem. AID Fuel Oils have smaller 4 wheeled tankers for just such an occasion. We can use our smaller tankers and long hoses to reach properties that larger vehicles cannot so you aren't left without heating oil. If you’re concerned about accessibility to your property, give us a call on 01543 506117 to discuss your requirements.

How will I know when my delivery is due?

We will send you an email the night before your delivery is scheduled, and if we have a correct mobile number on file we will send you a text message when our driver is en route to your address.

Do I need to be in when you deliver?

Providing our driver has safe access to your home heating oil tank you don’t need to be in when we deliver. If you have any special delivery requirements, please make sure you highlight these when ordering to avoid any issues arising.

Please make sure access gates and your tank are left unlocked. We advise that you shut away any pets or livestock or move them away from areas that will be accessed during your delivery. This ensures they are kept safe and avoids the risk of any animals escaping.

How do I check the oil level in my tank?

Insert a stick into your home heating oil tank until it touches the bottom. Make sure your stick is vertical and remove to see how much of it has been immersed in the oil. See where the oil is on your stick. If only the lower part is covered you know levels are getting low and you'll need to schedule a delivery soon.

Have a question that isn't listed? Get in touch with our friendly team and we'll help to answer any questions you have.

call us on 01543 506117

Delivery area

Where we deliver

AID Fuel Oils Group deliver bulk fuels via our dedicated fleet of tankers throughout the Staffordshire, Shropshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Warwickshire and West Midlands areas.


What our customers say

“Have dealt with them for over 40 years! Ordering procedure is easy (by phone) and their drivers are always cheerful - whatever the weather!”

Mr Baldwin

“Text to say oil delivery on the way. Phone call to check and ascertain exact location. Delivery driver friendly, cheerful and professional. Great to have the option to order online and was very easy to do. Delivery timescale as advised. Telephone enquiry dealt with in a friendly, helpful and professional manner. Job done. Satisfied happy customer.”

Mr Holdcroft

“Staff are always pleasant and helpful over the phone and face to face.The oil is always delivered on the date stated in the e-mail. Im sure anyone using this company would totally agree they are good. Payment is taken once the oil has been delivered and not before.”

Mr Riley

“Excellent service with friendly, helpful staff. Quick and efficient delivery. First time buyer of oil from this company and will definitely continue to use them. Great company and very easy to do business with.”

Ms Lauren Wright

“A first class company, historically when we ran out of heating fuel they would endeavour to deliver ASAP usually next working day. Now we have an automated monitoring system installed we get topped up without even knowing the tank was low, so going empty is a thing of the past. I can't speak highly enough of them.”

Mr Russell