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Which oil is right for your vehicle or machinery?


Unsure of what oil you need?

We've made it as easy as possible to quickly find which oil is right for your car, van, motorbike, coach, truck, tractor or machine. No matter what you own, we guarantee a quality oil. By using Q8Oils products, the recommended oil will meet the latest manufacturer standards, helping to reduce fuel consumption, extend the life of your vehicle and provide optimum performance.

It's simple to find the correct oil.

  1. Simply consult your vehicle handbook to find out the appropriate viscosity, manufacturer specification and approvals.
  2. Find the appropriate category page, whether you own a Car, Van, Truck, Coach, Tractor, Motorbike or Off-Highway Machine.
  3. Select your viscosity, manufacturer and specification/approval in our easy to use filtering system.
  4. Choose from the selection of oils suitable for your vehicle or machine!

You can also contact our team of lubricant experts who can recommend you an oil here.

/media/featurepages/library/piston-covered-in-oil.jpgThe key to happy vehicle ownership

Experts advise car owners to perform a routine engine oil change after around 3,000 miles, but in between service intervals you may need to top up the engine oil to keep it at a safe level to ensure that the engine is well lubricated at all times. It's always recommended you keep an eye on your oil level to avoid engine damage.

Do viscosity and manufacturer specifications matter?

Every engine is designed around using a particular viscosity engine oil and a very precise specification. As engine oils heat up, they generally get thinner. Multigrade oil (i.e. 10W-40) ensures that the oil provides protection in both hot and cold temperatures.

Specifications vary in order to cope with the stresses that modern engines have to cope with. Specifications indicate the performance of the oil and if they conform to the latest tests. Vehicle manufacturers also provide OEM specifications for oil companies to conform to, such as M2C913-D and VW 502.00, to ensure the oil is appropriate for the engine.

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