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Your Fuel Card Checklis

Every 12 months vehicles must pass an MOT, but do your fuel cards pass the test too?

One of the biggest fuel card failures happens when users forget to check their invoices for the real cost of the fuel they’ve used. All to often, users rely on price notifications, but are these same prices being used on your invoice?

At AID Fuel Oils Group, we only give accurate price notifications and we only charge for the fuel your drivers use - there are no hidden costs, fees or charges on your invoices. Our complete transparency allows your business to streamline your fuel expenditure with no surprises.

Here are some of the key points to look for when reviewing your fuel card choices;

  • Check that there are no hidden fees or costs added onto your invoices.
  • Easy account management - Can you easily access and manage your own fuel card account?
  • Is there an option allowing you to easily locate the forecourts that your card will be accepted in?
  • Are prices fair and competitive?

AID Fuel Oils Group offer our customers a choice of seven market leading fuel cards, guaranteeing you’ll always get a great deal. If you’ve already got fuel cards, call us today and see if we can give you a better price for the fuel you’re using.