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Year-round reliability for farmers

Having worked with the agricultural industry for nearly 50 years we understand the need for year-round reliability, especially during peak sowing and harvesting seasons. Too add to our fuel deliveries and fuel cards offering we also stock an extensive range of Q8Oils products.

With Q8Oils we offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of lubricants in the industry with grades to suit every application - especially agricultural machinery. Our extensive line of lubricants can extend vehicle drain intervals, helping to reduce maintenance and servicing costs whilst also improving emissions.

Designed to comply with the technical demands of the modern engines, we guarantee a solution to conform to the latest Euro 1, Euro 2, Euro 3, Euro 4, Euro 5 and Euro 6 standards.

From our online lubricants store you can purchase; tractor oils, engine oils, universal transmission oils, hydraulic oils and much more. Some of our most popular agricultural products include; Anti Wax Additive, Gas Oil. Lithium Complex EP2, Milking Machine Oil, Q8 Maxifarm 15w-30 and Q8 T 750 15W-40. Take a look at our agricultural range of products.