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Have you checked your tank lately?

The tank is an essential component of your oil-fired home heating system and should be serviced annually by an OFTEC registered engineer.

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The key signs of a failing tank can be easily spotted, so you should be checking your tank monthly in between services. This is especially important during spells of colder weather.

5 minute checklist:

  1. Check for any whitening or splits on the outside of the tank, this could show potential leakage sites.
  2. Your oil usage suddenly shooting up could be another sign that something isn't quite right.
  3. Remember to check that the tank’s fuel gauge is not cracked or frozen so you are getting an accurate reading of the fuel levels.
  4. Make sure your tank is topped up - low levels of oil create more space in the tank for condensation to develop when temperatures change.


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Alternatively for advice from our friendly team call 01543 506117

If you notice anything unusual with your tank, you should always contact your Registered Engineer in the first instance.