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Complex and demanding modern engines require the application of specially developed lubricants that meet demands for greater fuel economy and better overall protection of your engine’s essential components.

What is an OEM approved oil?

An OEM approved oil is one that has been developed with the original equipment manufacturer using a blend of base oils and additives that suit the engine’s requirements - and is then extensively tested to ensure full compliance. The extensive testing is the crucial difference between meeting specification and OEM approval.

So why should I use an OEM oil?

Using an OEM oil is crucial for all modern equipment as it maintains the warranty on your vehicle or machinery - so should anything go wrong your lubricant cannot be to blame.

Failing to use an OEM approved lubricant can place strain and cause greater wear on gears and bearings, which in the long run lead to higher maintenance costs and eventually engine failure. The extensive testing also ensures that the engine runs at optimum performance and maximum fuel economy - both of which aid to a longer engine life.

Although purchasing a better quality, OEM approved oil may seem more expensive initially, it pays off in the long run providing extended drain times, peace of mind on your warranty, outstanding protection of essential components and lowered maintenance costs.

AID Lubricants offer over 450 OEM approved Q8Oils for a wide range of applications in a variety of quantities, available to view and purchase online - it couldn’t be easier to find the right oil for your engine. Should you require any assistance in finding the correct oil, our knowledgable team are always more than happy to help.