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Top tips to keep your fuel free from contamination this Winter

Managing your fleets on the road is a priority and business operations must continue even through Winter. Unfortunately cold Winters can have adverse effects on your fuel.

Our top tips and advice on keeping your fuel free from contamination this Winter, can help prevent common problems arising.

How to keep your fuel free from contamination?

  • Make sure your vehicles are powered with the correct grade of fuel. Summer grade fuel (gas oil) has a limited resistant to cold temperatures. Using Winter grade fuel can help prevent the formation of wax crystals and contamination blocking filters and restricting the engine from starting. Winter grade fuel is available from the 1st November to 15th March.

  • Water inside the tank increases the risk of microbial growth which can ultimately damage the engine and heating system. We recommend carrying out visual inspections on your tank to look out for; sludge formation, corrosion, and water. You can check if water is inside the tank by using water paste.

  • Using additives such as Anti wax and Anti bug protect can also help protect the tank from contamination.

  • Storing your tank indoors during Winter can help minimise condensation resulting water accumulation caused by cold temperatures.

  • Ensure your tank is regularly serviced by Registered Engineer. An OFTEC Registered Engineer will carry out a visual inspection and complete a risk assessment to report the condition of your tank. Your tank may be treated with additives to prevent microbial growth such as bacteria, viruses and fungi.

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