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Top Five Heating Oil Myths Busted

If you’re new to heating oil you’re probably wondering how to get the most for your money from this new energy source. Over the years there have been many myths about heating oil that are proven to be untrue. Some of the most common heating oil myths we’ve found are listed below.

  • It is not cheaper to leave heating running throughout the day. As with any energy source, experts do not recommend leaving your heating on a low temperature all day. The best way to conserve energy and cut prices is to only turn on the heating when you are in the house and you need it.
  • Using heating oil isn’t harmful to the environment. The heating oil that is available now is considerably cleaner than it was 50 years ago, in fact Ultra Low Sulphur Heating Oil (ULSHO) is 95% cleaner than it was in 1970.
  • Heating oil is not more expensive than other energy sources. Home heating oil is now cheaper to buy than it was in 1980. The prices of heating oil do rise and fall in line with the oil market but it still remains an affordable energy source for many households. Oil providers also offer payment plans and discounts in the form of Buying Groups to help their customers manage their oil bills.
  • Heating oil isn’t dangerous. Heating oil is a non-explosive liquid and it has a much higher burning point than natural gas or gasoline - it must reach 140 degrees. Even dropping a lit match into a tank of oil wouldn’t cause it to burn.
  • Heating oil is efficient. When homes first started using heating oil inventions such as double glazing and advanced insulation had not yet been invented. This meant that heat generated from oil boilers was able to escape more quickly. With these additions and the new technology used to build boilers, heating oil boilers are just as efficient as gas boilers. In fact, heating oil actually provides more heat per gallon than any other fuel.

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