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Tips for keeping your AGA running smoothly.

The hub of the home, an Aga has many uses including cooking, heating and the provision of a hot water supply, so it is essential that your Aga is kept in the best condition possible.

To ensure that your Aga is in good shape all year round follow our top tips below;

  • Keep your AGA clean - To prevent cosmetic damage to your AGA always try to clean splashes and spills as soon as they occur. If you are cleaning the enamel use a soap-filled pad, never use a cold, wet cloth as this could cause damage. Also remember to brush away any carbon dust from the main oven, hot oven and hotplates.
  • AGA’s use heating oil so it is important to check that there is always enough oil in your tank for it to run off. If the AGA runs out of oil it could cause air locks in the pipes which can affect oil flow and shut down the entire system.
  • Use the right heating oil - Buy your heating oil from a trusted supplier for guaranteed quality and a reliable delivery service. Kerosene is recommended as the best heating oil to use with an AGA as there is less build up caused through regular use. Adding a heating oil additive is also advised as this will clear out any sludge or build-up which could lead to blockages and efficiency problems.
  • Service yearly - regularly having your AGA serviced by an OFTEC approved engineer will keep it running at optimum efficiency and detect any problems that could be developing through regular use.
  • Keep it running - Many people prefer to turn off their AGA’s during the summer months to conserve heating oil. If you choose to do this it is important to still run the AGA for a few hours a week to ensure that the parts don’t seize up from non-use.