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Thousands Driving Illegal Diesel Vehicles

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency have stated that thousands of UK motorists could be breaking the law driving diesel cars without pollution filters.

Nearly 2000 motorists have been caught driving around with modified or even removed filters, allowing harmful matter from diesel exhaust pipes to be emitted into the environment. The noxious emissions and soot produced can lead to health issues such as lung cancer, stroke or heart diesel - contributing to nearly 40,000 premature deaths per year according to The World Health Organisation.

It can cost up to £1000 to repair a broken or blocked filter and only a couple of hundred pounds to remove - therefore many drivers opt for the less costly option. The removal of a filter is not illegal, however driving without one is. Any driver caught driving a vehicle with a modified DPF can face a fine of up to £1000 for a car and £2500 for a van.

Current MOT tests only require a visual test of DPF, allowing for vehicles to pass with modified filters. The DVSA is now calling for a more functional test to be introduced from May 2018.