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The Shell International Fuel Card Now Available

AID Fuel Oils Group are proud to announce the introduction of the Shell International fuel card.

This much requested fuel card offers extensive coverage across Europe with the Shell network and with selected partners. This gives drivers access to more than 22,000 sites across 37 European countries, of which 2500 are specifically designed for HGV's. The Shell International card offers the same advantages as our other fuel cards, offering great savings on quality fuels and complete security with 24 hour card blocking and PIN transactions.

There are a range of valuable extras on the Shell International fuel card, such as:

  • VAT recovery
  • Toll payments
  • Road taxes
  • Tunnel and bridge payments
  • Ferry costs
  • Breakdown coverage
  • Parking facilities for HGV's
  • AdBlue available at selected locations

Call today on 01543 466 066 to enquire more information.