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The importance of using the right oil and lubricants for your vehicle.

Oil plays an important role in the normal running of an engine, not only does it lubricate and protect the engine components it also provides cooling, cleaning and improved functionality.

As the oil is circulated through an engine a number of chemical reactions are occurring including; oxidisation, thermal degradation and compressive heating. As the oil is used it becomes hotter and hotter which causes the reactions to happen at a much faster rate.

The reactions taking place create by-products such as tar, sludge, varnish and soot all of which are deposited on the internal parts of an engine like the rings, cylinder walls and bearings. The more these deposits build up, the more the parts rub against each other causing friction and further heat.

If the wrong oil is used in an engine it will degrade much faster and if left unchanged it will add further heat and detrimental carbon deposits. Operating a car with the wrong oil can decrease gas mileage by 1-2%- a cost which adds up over the long run.

How do you choose the right oil?

The best place to start is by checking the owner’s manual which will tell you the best oil to use for your engine. Car manufacturers perform stringent tests on engines with various oils to determine the right ones, helping your car operate at its highest level.

Its also worth keeping in mind the temperature - some oils may work better during the winter months. Likewise, also consider the mileage on the clock as there are certain oils that have been created specifically for high milage cars (these oils tend to be thicker than those designed for new engines)

Using the right oil for your engine allows your car to run at optimum efficiency and will reduce the need for repairs during the lifetime of the car.

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