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The benefits of switching to robotic milking machines in the dairy industry

The UK has seen a significant rise in the implementation of robotic milking machines in dairy farms over the last three years.The technology available has greatly improved and now facilitates a fully automated milking process using computers and special herd management software.

There are a number of benefits associated with using robotic milking machines and currently an estimated one in ten UK herds are making the most of the machinery.

Benefits of Robotic milking machines

One of the main reasons for switching to robotic milking machines is the reduction in manual labour. It is estimated that robotic milking machines can cut up to five hours of labour time per day - this is both cost saving and eases the amount of strain on the herd. It also means that the cows have an improved quality of life with more flexibility around milking times and less time spent on the machines.

Robotic milking machines have additional capabilities to help dairy farmers better manage their herd. They can collect important data and information such as individual cow milk production, the electrical conductivity of the milk (which measures its quality), cow activity and cow rumination. The farmer can then turn this data into actionable insights to get the best yield from each of the cows.

When switching to robotic milking machines it is important to factor in the on-going maintenance of the machines. Most farms using this technology will require somebody to be on hand 24/7 to monitor the machines and correct any issues. The equipment will also need regular services to protect the components and extend the life of the machinery.

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