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Summer Vehicle Health Check

Preparing your car for Summer is just as important as being ready for Winter conditions. Warm temperatures and road surfaces can impact your vehicle just as much as colder weather, and being proactive will save both time and money in potential breakdown costs.

Summer Vehicle Health Check:

Healthy tyres

Check tyre pressure and tread depth (1.6mm around the circumference of the tyre) to ensure they meet the legal requirements and are ready for longer summer journeys.

Good visibility

Before setting out on a journey check that your screen wash is topped up and your wiper blades are working. Dust and insects on your windscreen can cause poor visibility during warm and hot weather - something which you could be fined for.

Check the engine’s cooling system

Warmer temperatures increase the risk of your car overheating in traffic, check your engine to see if it is topped up with the right mix of coolant and water.

Clear all air intakes of debris and dirt

This includes checking your air filters which can become clogged up with pollen. Blockages in the air system can quickly cause overheating.

Test the vehicles' battery

warmer temperatures can take more of a toll on your battery so its worth getting it checked to make sure its up to scratch.

Protect your vehicles' paintwork

Stop the sun damaging your cars paintwork by keeping it clean and waxed.