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Strict New Mobile Phone Laws

The 1st of March 2017 marked a change in the law regarding using a mobile phone behind the wheel. The changes mean drivers will be immediately given 6 points on their licence and face fines of up to £200 if caught using a phone or internet device whilst their engine is still running. Convicted drivers who have held a license for less than 2 years face an instant ban.

The new laws follow figures revealing that 22 people were killed and 99 seriously injured in UK road accidents in 2015 where a motorist using a mobile was a contributory factor - even though it has been illegal to use a mobile device whilst driving since 2003.

Police are currently undertaking a week of targeted action throughout the country to catch offenders who are breaking the law. The first day of monitoring yesterday saw hundreds of drivers convicted of putting other road users at risk - despite the changes being well publicised.

Officers will also be dedicating a day to targeting HGV drivers.