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Spring Clean Your Boiler

It may not feel like it with the snow and freezing temperatures we have been experiencing, but it is officially Spring on Tuesday 20th March. Now is a great time to give your AGA or oil fuelled central heating system a Spring clean - they are an essential part of our homes and arguably one of the most important appliances.

Book in a service.

Although there is plenty you can do to ensure your boiler is in the best condition, it is essential to ensure a yearly service by an OFTEC registered professional who can check and clean components thoroughly after a long winter.

We also recommend turning your heating on for short periods, very low monthly during the summer months to ensure no dust or debris can form in your boiler.

Bleed your radiators.

Un-bled radiators can hold trapped air which forces your boiler to work harder - therefore reducing heating efficiency and the life of your boiler. You can tell when your radiators need bleeding when they are colder at the bottom - to bleed use a radiator key and stop once water begins to run out.

Upgrade to Kerosene Plus.

Kerosene Plus contains an advanced additive package that helps to actively clean your tank of sludge and essential boiler and AGA components of winter grime.

A few small cleaning tips during the Spring and Summer could be the difference between your boiler and AGA working in September or breaking down - and we have all learned this year that the weather can take us all by surprise so it is better to be prepared.