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Simple steps to reduce leakage from your hydraulic equipment

Like any machinery, hydraulic systems can develop leaks which if left to progress could become expensive to fix. If you notice that you are having to top-off the oil in your system more regularly than usual, then the chances are that your system has sprung a leak.

To gauge how much oil is being lost and how quickly it is leaking, start by keeping a record of all oil top-offs. The main cause for leaking in a hydraulic system is usually the fittings and connections so this is the best place to check for leaks and make improvements.

Selecting the right fittings and making sure they are assembled correctly will help you to reduce your hydraulic system’s susceptibility to leaking. Connectors with tapered threads rely on a thread-to-thread seal which will easily leak if not assembled or maintained correctly. It is recommended to use elastomeric seals where possible as they are less likely to develop leaks.

It is possible to engineer leaks out of your equipment by changing the fittings and connecting pipes or hoses. Pipes and tubing set at 90 degree angles are some of the main culprits for causing oil leaks because of the turbulence created when oil enters the fitting at a high velocity. The vibration and shock caused by the oil being directed into a sharp 90-degree angle will weaken and loosen connections.

Reducing the amount of external vibration affecting the machine will also help to cut the risk of oil leaks. You can do this by installing rubber hoses or mounting blocks to absorb the extra vibrations. Also check that all conductors (especially pipes and tubes) are supported with sufficient clamps.

Making sure the pressure within the hydraulic system is properly adjusted will further help to decrease shock and leakages. Refer to the manufacturers manual for the correct pressure settings and monitor closely to keep the pressure within the specified limits. Reducing the pressure also decreases the electrical energy consumption and heat generation in other areas of the machine, which in turn helps to prolong the life of the machines components.

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