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Shell Pin Numbers

Why are PIN numbers necessary?

PIN numbers are now common place on payment cards, offering greater security and customer protection to point of sale transactions. UK debit and credit cards have carried this feature since 2005 to combat the fraudulent use of payment cards.

Your Shell cards will now also carry this added level of security provided by PIN numbers, this newest benefit of the fuel card is to be rolled out throughout 2013.

When will the roll-out happen?

PIN numbers will initially be accepted at 20 Shell sites from the start of May, but even at these sites signatures will still be accepted as normal.

There is a grace period until the 1st of September when PIN numbers will become mandatory at all Shell sites.

We will be contacting you to inform you of your Shell PIN numbers in due course, we will of course be sure to get these PIN numbers to you in plenty of time.

Where will I be able to use my euroShell PIN card?

euroShell CRT fuel card
Your Shell PIN numbers will be mandatory at all Shell sites from the 1st September onwards; we will be contacting you in due course to notify you of your Shell PIN numbers.

euroShell fleet fuel card
You will be required to enter a PIN number at all Shell sites on your euroShell fleet fuel card, however at all partner sites (Esso, Texaco, Total & Gleaner sites) Shell PIN numbers will not be required and you will sign for your transactions.

What do I need to do?

For now, nothing. Simply carry on using your euroShell CRT and euroShell fleet fuel cards as normal. We will be contacting you in the very near future to notify you of your PIN numbers.

What does it mean for me?

Each euroShell Card already has a PIN number contained within its magnetic strip; we will contact you to inform you of the PIN number generated by the system associated with each card to the registered card administrator.

Ordering new cards

You can continue to order new cards as usual through A.I.D. Fuel Card Services, new cards will be delivered to you within the usual 7 working days.

Lost/Stolen Cards

You can continue to block lost and stolen cards by contacting customer services. Please note however that once a card is cancelled you will need to order a new one as above.

3 strikes card block & PIN reset

If an incorrect PIN is entered 3 times in one transaction, the card will automatically be blocked as a fraud prevention measure. The card will then be unblocked after a 24 hour period, the existing PIN can still be used on the card once reactivated and there is no need to request a new card.

What does it mean for my cardholders?

At the moment; euroShell cardholders sign a printed receipt at the point of sale which is retained by the vendor as proof of authorisation to debit the purchase amount.

The introduction of PIN numbers means that euroShell cardholders will have to enter a secure 4 digit PIN number when paying for goods and services. As a result, your cards will be better protected from fraud and offer you and your cardholders peace of mind.

It is important to note that this roll-out does not include the CHIP technology – the euroShell Card will still utilise the magnetic strip on the back of the card to check its authenticity.

After go-live, all cardholders will need to memorise their assigned PIN numbers when purchasing goods and services with their euroShell Card.