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Save money on your fuel cards

Many find the world of fuel cards overwhelming and confusing. With so many providers claiming to provide the cheapest fuel cards by quoting low introductory prices that rise within weeks and not mentioning the hundreds of pounds worth of card charges every month, hidden in your invoices under misleading titles.

At AID Fuel Oils Group we pride ourselves on being different when it comes to the world of fuel cards, we offer seven major branded cards under our transparent and outstanding customer service.

Why we’re different:

  • Trialing your fuel cards with AID couldn’t be easier, our fuel card experts will provide impartial help and advice to recommend the best fuel cards for your usage
  • We quote real life prices - the pence per litre price you’re quoted is the price you’ll see on your invoice - and won’t be inflated by a long list of card charges
  • All of our fuel cards are FREE. No fees, charges or costs - the only charges on your invoice will be for the fuel your drivers use.
  • We offer essential fuel card tools including online account management and mobile optimised site locator for free with your account, allowing you to easy control your drivers spend and find the most convenient site on route.
  • Our UK customer service team are always on hand to deal with any queries you may have, there are no waiting times and you’ll always get through to someone who understands your business
  • Larger fleets who require dedicated reports will receive the help of a dedicated key accounts co-ordinator who is on hand to ensure your business has all the information it needs to run efficiently

To start saving your business hundreds or even thousands of pounds throughout 2018, view our range of market leading fuel cards to find the best fit for your business and apply online.