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Save Money By Switching To Red Diesel

When looking for a way to cut costs, streamlining your home or business's fuel expenditure is a great initial start with the potential to yield the biggest savings. When deciding on the most cost efficient fuel, Red Diesel options should always be considered.

Red Diesel is the same as regular diesel fuel used to power road vehicles, however it contains a red dye. Regular white diesel is subject to 20% taxation and a hidden tax of 57.95ppl for road usage, whereas Red Diesel is subject to a reduced rate of 5% tax as it can only be used for off road purposes below orders of 2300 litres. Red Diesel goes by a number of names in the industry including gas oil, tractor fuel, cherry juice, 35 second burning oil, heating oil and medium diesel to name a few.

Red Diesel has many uses including heating oil due to its cheap costs and great reliability. It can be also used in construction site machinery, agricultural engines, tractors, pleasure crafts, bulldozers, generators and many other commercial off road engines and vehicles. However, it is important that anything fuelled by Red Diesel is not used for transportation on public roads. The only exception to this law is for farmers gaining access to land which is divided by a public road to the maximum distance of 25 miles.

Due to the fact Red Diesel is readily available in the UK, the police regularly carry out roadside vehicle checks by dipping fuel tanks in order to identify those who are using it illegally. The usual penalty for for this crime is a minimum fine of £500 and your vehicle seized, however in extreme cases it can also carry a prison sentence due to the evasion of tax.

Red Diesel can be purchased in litres from our yard in Huntington, Cannock, in barrels from our web store or in bulk by receiving a quote from our website.