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Reliable Farming Fuel Deliveries

April is a busy month on any farm, with lambing season in full force and field preparation required ahead of crop planting there is lots to do. Fertiliser must be spread on grazing fields to boost plant growth, which will later be used for hay and silage. Potatoes are ready to be planted, oil seed rape and vining peas need to be drilled, and finally cereal crop and sugar beet needs to be sprayed.

With a long list of chores to complete, it would be easy to forget one of the most essential items on the to-do list - ordering fuel! Without a reliable supply of fuel your April plan could easily fall apart, with unpredictable weather added to mix you’ll need to be ready for any eventuality.

AID Fuel Oils Group offers a complete agricultural fuelling solution to make life on the farm run like clockwork. We provide a range of fuels in various quantities including barrels and bulk deliveries, along with oils and lubricants, AdBlue, and fuel cards.

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