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Reducing Emissions- How Your Business Can Benefit From Going Green

More and more businesses are adopting policies and practices that help to reduce their carbon emissions and protect the environment. From September 2018 it will become a legal requirement for all new cars to have their CO2 emissions measured under the new, more accurate Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test procedure (WLTP) - figures which will need to be published from 2019.

The UK government will also begin introducing Clean Air Zones (CZA’s) into certain cities from 2020. These zones will carry hefty fines for non-compliant vehicles travelling within them, with some councils considering charging unto £100 per day in charges.

Alongside complying with the new regulations there are also other benefits of going green.

  • Savings - Cutting carbon emissions can help you save money by reducing costs in fuel consumption and cutting down on materials and other costs associated with older methods of operation.
  • Job satisfaction - As a society we are now more conscientious in terms of protecting the environment and reducing our individual carbon footprints. Working for an environmentally responsible business can be an attractive prospect for new employees. It can also help to make existing employees feel a sense of pride for the business they are working for.
  • Differentiate from your competitors - In a market where stricter compliance with carbon guidelines is required many businesses are looking for suppliers that can help them stick within the government guidelines.

There are simple solutions that can help you reduce your carbon emissions and keep your business within the new regulations. Most diesel based vehicles are required to use AdBlue to neutralise NOx emissions. In 2015 it became a legal requirement under EU law that all new cars and light vehicles under 1305kg (unladen) must use AdBlue to limit emissions.

In order to comply with legal requirements and keep your fleet running smoothly, AID offer an AdBlue Direct Supply scheme. The Direct Supply scheme provides you with a free AdBlue loan tank with an integrated telematics package. Once your AdBlue level drops below a specified level we will organise a delivery to top your tank up - it's that simple!