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Q8 Oils: The future of metalworking fluids

Metalworking fluid (MWF) is used to cool or lubricate metal while it is being worked on either through machining, milling, or grounding. Q8 Oils has been working hard to create a better metalworking fluid than those currently on offer. Extensive research has led the development of the Q8 MWF range - the next generation of MWFs.

Q8 Oils Metalworking Fluids have a better health and safety rating than most competitors and provide a perfect balance of protection against microbiological contamination, without using necessarily harsh chemicals. This creates a safer working environment for the machine operators using the metalworking fluids.

As a new generation of MWF, the Q8 Oils range is designed to work with modern machines. It can handle advanced materials , faster cutting speeds and higher fluid pressures. Originally designed to meet the stringent demands of the aerospace market, this lubricant was created to work seamlessly with difficult materials such as aluminium alloys, titanium alloys, inconel, copper alloys and much more.

The Q8 Oils range is fully compliant with strict European environmental and chemical legislation. To this end it is free from; boric acid, boron and chlorinated paraffin, formaldehyde releasing biocides, nitrates and secondary amines that have been recognised as hazardous.

With many different demands expected from modern metalworking fluids in mind, the Q8 Oils range has been formulated for all operations. With a variety of base fluid and additive mixes available you’ll find the right fluid for any job.

With a natural resistance to outside contamination from bacteria and fungi, Q8 Oils Metalworking Fluids have an extended life. They can be stored and remain safe to use for much longer than some competitors (for the shelf life of each product in the Q8 Oils range always refer to the packaging)

Using a quality MWF from Q8 Oils will help you to reduce machine maintenance costs. The high lubricity factor, combined with the chemical and biological stability of the Q8 Oils range means thatch oils have an increased sump life and don’t need to be changed as frequently.

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