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Q8 Oils Formula for Trucks - the industry leading engine oil

Q8 Oils Formula Truck lubricants are specifically designed to help fleets keep up with the three main drivers in the transport industry. A good quality engine oil is essential for meeting targets in all three of these areas:


Q8 Formula Truck engine oil is designed to help truck engines work under intense pressure whilst also reducing maintenance and downtime. The formula helps to control engine temperatures and reduces resistance caused by oxidisation.


Heavy duty diesel engines emit CO2 when in operation and manufacturers are required by law to reduce these emissions as much as possible. To do this, the combustion process is optimised and trucks are fitted with exhausts after treatment systems. Both of these elements rely on the use of high quality engine oil to achieve optimum results.


Increasing the efficiency of truck engines helps to lower running costs and minimise emissions. Fuel accounts for a large portion of transportation costs, so it is essential to get the most miles per gallon.

Improved fuel economy is shown to be directly connected to using engine oils with a lower viscosity and HTHS (in High Temperature High Shear). Therefore selecting a lubricant with the right technology is highly important in increasing fuel economy, reducing costs, and being kinder to the environment.

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