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Have you stepped up your fuel security?

With the changes to Red Diesel coming into effect on 1st April 2022, security of your fuel will be more important than ever. The value of fuel will significantly increase potentially leading to more theft.

Although it’s not possible to completely prevent fuel theft, there are measures you can take to try and deter criminals. The main point to remember is that most thieves are opportunistic and will often go for easy targets. You should do all you can to protect your oil storage tank to ensure you make things as difficult as possible for thieves.

9 potential options to beef up your fuel security

1) Keep it out of sight

Placing the tank in the area where is it more secure or less visible could potentially prevent opportunists. Many thieves will be discouraged if the tank is easily overlooked from your home or office.

2) Consider using defensive planting
Prickly plants and shrubs like roses, holly and blackthorn limit access to a tank. Although many thieves may bring the tools to cut fences and padlocks, most will not have the time to spend removing prickly hedges to free up access.

3) Beef up your tank security
Fix locks on caps and nozzles to protect your tank. There is a range of protective equipment which can be installed to your tank like security cage or even shackle padlocks. Due to their design, closed shackle padlocks have very little of the metal hoop (shackle) exposed which in turn makes it more difficult for a bolt cropper to get a good grip.

4) Fit a monitor or alarm
Being aware of how much oil is currently in the tank and how much oil you tend to use would be great to identify if there are any sudden drop in level. It is possible to fit an alarm on your oil storage tank itself, so if the fuel levels within your tank drop below a certain level, then the alarm would then alert you, a key-holder or a control centre about any changes in levels.

5) Fuel Management Systems
There are plenty of fuel management systems on the market, from systems with registration scans, finger print recognition and wireless data transfers, to basic protection such as a key or pin code to unlock pumps. All systems have their own merits ultimately it is down to what is appropriate for the individual or business.

Even the presence of CCTV systems acts as an appropriate way of letting thieves know that you are taking measure to protect your tank and can act as a good deterrent.

7) Add security bollards
Anything you can do to make it more difficult to approach the area by vehicle, such as installing security bollards on roads approaching and around the tank will all go some way to help increase the effort any prospective thief has to go to and thus hopefully reduce your risk of you becoming a victim of fuel theft.

8) Invest in outdoor security lighting
The majority of criminals will use the cover of darkness to carry out their activities, so installing some form of security lighting will help to deter potential criminals.

By adding a mixture of low energy lights near to the storage tank should, in most cases, provide sufficient light to illuminate any suspicious activity without drawing too much attention to the storage tank itself. These types of lights can be quite effective and shouldn’t cost too much money to install and run and is a cost-effective way of protecting your fuel.

9) Consider fuel cards
Fuel cards may be a safe alternative worth considering if you need a steady supply of fuel. AID Fuel oils offer a wide range of fuel cards to suit your needs.

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