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Preventing Breakdowns With Q8Oils

Protecting your engines and vital components is crucial over the winter period in ensuring your vehicles remain on the road. AID Lubricants offer over 450 high quality Q8Oils, greases, additives AdBlue and anti-freeze to ensure your fleet is kept in prime conditions over the coming months.

Although engine oils are an essential part of fleet management all year round, winter brings more challenging conditions, calling for a better quality lubricant to maintain engine performance.

Our range of Q8Oils are designed to meet the latest vehicle specifications, providing outstanding engine protection and reliability after cold starting whilst also reducing engine fuel consumption. Q8Oils also offer extended drain times which reduces maintenance and service costs.

With the unpredictability of the British weather during the winter months, insisting on the use of good quality lubricants and coolants means that your business can stay out on the road during the harshest of conditions. Use AID Lubricants and Q8Oils for reliability and cost effective savings for your vehicle service this winter.