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Preparing your home heating system during the summer

During the Summer months when the weather is warmer, our home heating systems tend to lie dormant for a while. Whilst the cold of winter and heating oil may be far from your mind as you bask in the sunshine, it does pay to give some thought to your heating system during this time.

  • Service your boiler - It is recommended that all boilers have an annual service to keep them running smoothly and the summer is the perfect season to get yours done. There is usually less demand for boiler services from May to August so it will be easier to book in for a service and you may even find there are discounts and special prices available.

  • Bleed radiators - Radiators that are clogged up with dust and air will become inefficient and will cause your heating system to work harder and burn through more heating oil. Whilst the warmer weather is here it is always worth bleeding and dusting your radiators to ensure they are running at optimum performance during the winter.

  • Fill your tank before Winter arrives - don’t wait for the first cold snap or weather warning before you fill up your tank again for the colder months. Plan in advance and schedule a delivery before everybody else is rushing to get their heating oil at the same time. Not only will this guarantee you have enough oil in your tank for when you need it most, you may also get a better price by ordering sooner rather than later.

  • Clean up - When the heating system is less in demand its a perfect time to give it a spring clean. Some people are comfortable cleaning the system themselves or others may prefer to get a professional in to give the boiler a spot and scale clean. A system that has become clogged with dirt and debris could pose problems when it comes to using it again in the winter.

  • Fresh filters - Whilst you are giving your heating system a summer clean, take the time to also replace the filters. A sufficient air flow is necessary for your heating system to function properly and deliver the best results.

  • Add an additive - introducing a high-quality multi- purpose heating oil additive has a range of benefits, including; removal of sludge and water, lessening black smoke emissions, making the system easier to restart. To get the best results from additives, try to use one at least once per season. Alternatively upgrading to a heating oil with additives already included, such as Kerosene Plus, will ensure that your system is treated all year round.