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Preparing your farm for harvest season

One of the busiest and most important periods of farming life - Harvest season requires planning and preparation in order to be successful.

There are a number of steps arable farmers should take to prepare this busy period, we’ve listed some of them below!

  • Check and check again - Making sure your machinery is fully working and safe before it is put under an intense work load is essential. Fixing any problems beforehand will stop the headache of fixing broken machines whilst out in the field. As well as checking core machinery such as tractors and combine harvesters, also remember to examine any trailers you will be using. Read our previous blog post for a full list of farming trailer checks.
  • Top-up - Topping up with oil and lubricants will keep your farming machines running and operating at maximum capacity. The right oil will also protect your machinery from damage caused by wear and tear. Always refer to the manufacturers handbook to select the right oil for your vehicle and operating conditions.
  • Refuel - Before you get to work in the fields, check that you have enough fuel and AdBlue in your machines so you don’t get caught short. To prevent this happening why not apply for an AID fuel card account as a back-up to your bulk fuel tank? With no hidden charges or fees, we only charge you for the fuel you use.