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Prepare Your Heating Oil Tank For Winter

Now it's officially British winter time, it's important to ensure your oil tank is in good condition to keep your home warm during the cold period. Here's a few tips we've put together to maintain the efficiency of your heating oil tank:

1. Check for defects in the tank. During periods of heavy snowfall dents or defects can become more pronounced due to the weight of the snow. It's important to ensure your tank is dusted of snow and inspected to avoid unnecessary strain.

2. Ensure your heating oil level is careful monitored. Leaving your tank to run low or empty can result in sludge at the bottom of the tank being disturbed when the tank is refilled. This can result in the blockage of filters which requires costly engineer callouts.

3. Identify Leaks. Ensure the base, pipes and fixtures are not cracked or broken, as with the cold weather these issues could worsen quickly. An oil leak can have serious consequences for both your home and the environment so it is important to maintain a well kept tank.

4. Secure your tank. Winter is a common time for fuel theft, in order to protect yourself from being a victim we recommend investing in a tank lock or alarm for peace of mind.

5. Ensure your lock hasn't rusted. If you don't refuel very often, it's important to check your tank lock hasn't rusted over and is regularly oiled to prevent so. If the delivery driver cannot access your tank to refuel then the delivery may have to be rescheduled for another day.

6. Refill whilst the weather is fair. Due to the unpredictability of the weather in the UK, we recommend refilling your tank before the possibility of snow as sometimes even a light dusting can cause conditions that prevent deliveries.

Should you require a competitive delivery of home heating oil, you can order any time using our online ordering system.