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Petrol consumption reaches a four year high

According to reports from the AA, the UK’s petrol consumption reached a four-year high during Autumn 2018. The AA attributes this rise to the price of petrol falling by 11.5 pence per litre which made the fuel a more attractive choice for fleet managers and road users.

Petrol prices in the early part of January remained below 120p a litre for the first time since March, and diesel prices returned to the same levels that were seen in May.

It is believed that the changes in price come as a result of oil company forecourts passing on more of their wholesale savings onto customers. Added to this is the competition with supermarket forecourts who are increasing the price gap between independent forecourts and themselves.

The increase in petrol consumption can also be linked to the decrease in the popularity of diesel cars. New registrations were down by 29.6% during the course of 2018, whilst new petrol vehicle registrations rose by 8.7%.

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