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Over 20,000 Drivers Could Breakdown This Year

According to the AA over 20,000 diesel drivers could be set to breakdown this year because they run out of AdBlue and overlook its importance.

Around 1000 breakdowns evert month are AdBlue related, and this could be set to double if drivers continue to ignore its importance in modern diesel engines. Vehicles that require AdBlue will not start up should the tank run empty.

Modern low emission diesel vehicles use AdBlue, a colourless liquid that is continuously sprayed into exhaust fumes, upstream of the catalytic converter to assist in the breakdown of harmful NOx.

It’s essential that Transport Managers ensure that their fleets have access to a suitable supply on their yards or on fuel cards to ensure vehicles are drivable as consumption varies depending on the number of miles travelled. Topping up usually is not a problem as vehicles give around 1500 miles’ notice that the fluid reservoir needs refilling.

Finding a cost effective solution for your fleet couldn’t be easier with AID Fuel Oils Group, we offer a wide range of quantities from 10L to bulk deliveries to suit your individual requirements.