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Our Top Windscreen Defrosting Tips

Freezing temperatures and early frosts mean that many of us across the UK are having to set out earlier to defrost windscreens before the commute to work. We’ve put together a few quick tips to help decrease your defrosting time in the mornings:

  • Scrape and spray. To quickly defrost the windscreen start by spraying de-icer and using a proper scraper for best results. Do not pour hot water from the kettle directly onto your screen as this can cause the glass to crack and break due to extreme temperature changes causing pressure.

  • Check your wipers. It is essential before using your wipers to help clear the frost that they are defrosted - if not you risk damaging the electronics system and the blades themselves.

  • Ventilation. When you first get into the car it is important to turn your air conditioning on warm and full blast directly on to the screen - without the re-circulation feature. It also helps to roll down your windows allowing the air to circulate to desist your screen as quickly as possible.

  • Hot water bottle. To really speed up your defrosting time on an especially cold morning, some people recommend placing a hot water bottle on your dashboard half an hour before you leave the house to help thaw the frost.

It is essential to remember to always leave extra time before you journey to defrost your screens properly - travelling with restricted vision could mean you are landed with a hefty fine - or even worse - cause an accident.