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Oil Theft - Partnering with the police

AID Fuel Oils are pleased to have partnered with West Midlands police in a bid to raise awareness of heating oil theft.

Fuel oil theft has unfortunately become more prevalent over recent years, the below guidelines have been issued to help deter would be thieves.

  • Check the oil level in your tank on a regular basis
  • Fit an electronic oil gauge/tank alarm which will alert you if your oil level drops
  • Use fencing or shrubs to hide your tank from view
  • Consider installing CCTV cameras
  • Fit a strong lock to the tank
  • If your tank is in an outbuilding keep that building locked
  • Install dusk to dawn security lighting
  • Turn off switches that control the supply of oil when not in use
  • Make a note of the registration number of suspicious vehicles, especially tankers or large vehicles close to your property
  • Keep an eye on your neighbour’s tank as well

If you see any suspicious activity, ring the police immediately on 101, or in an emergency, dial 999.


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