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OFTEC urges UK Households to 'smarten up' heating systems

With an increased focus on climate change, OFTEC is urging UK households to take action and play their part in reducing emissions. Recent figures revealed a 2.8% increase in emissions caused by residential energy use in 2018.

How to smarten up your heating system?

OFTEC advise homeowners a number of recommendations to help them change their energy patterns.

Heating Thermostat

  • When using traditional thermostats a single temperature is set for the whole house. However, smart thermostats allow more freedom as users can set different temperatures for different rooms. This helps to cut down on the amount of energy used throughout the house.

Use heating apps for better control

  • Modern apps give users control over their household heating systems remotely, so you can turn off the system or adjust the temperature even when you’re not at home.

Monitor fuel consumption

  • To effectively reduce your fuel consumption you first need to monitor how much you are using. We have fuel monitors available to help households measure their heating oil and top up when needed, instead of relying on emergency deliveries. Our Smart Alert service is the easiest way to monitor your heating oil.

Invest in self-bleeding radiator valves

Regularly bleeding your radiators will ensure they are operating at maximum efficiency and self-bleeding valves take all the hassle out of it.

Upgrade your boiler

If your household boiler is over fifteen years old, its probably time to upgrade it. A modern condensing boiler will be much more efficient and less likely to break down requiring expensive repairs.