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OFTEC reveals research results into the viability of biofuels

At the recent OFTEC conference, the research of a project between OFTEC and Perpetuum Partners, looking into the viability of biofuels was revealed to delegates.

The research showed that there are seven key areas of the industry that will need to be adjusted if biofuels are to become deliverable within the next two decades. These areas are; feedstock, logistics, sustainability, markets, policy and regulation, technology, and economics.

The report also identified that by making reasonable upgrades to homes the heat demand would be reduced, in turn helping to decarbonise the heating oil industry. By making ‘reasonable’ upgrades such as installing double glazing, along with loft and cavity wall insulation, heat demand could be reduced by around 15%.

In addition, further ‘deep’ improvements could reduce heat demand by an impressive 42.5%. This could be achieved by adding floor and solid wall insulation, however this is considerably more costly than the reasonable home improvements suggested earlier.

OFTEC’s report identified both 100% pure biofuel and a 30% blend of FAME and kerosene as being able to reduce carbon output for the lowest cost when compared with other options. 100% biofuel offers the lowest cost and highest impact solution, closely followed by a 30% blend of FAME and kerosene.

Read the full report here.