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New Ways To Report Road Traffic Accidents

The Department for Transport have opened a public consultation on the plan of allowing drivers to report road traffic accidents to the police online. With many police forces already allowing victims to report crimes online, extending this to road traffic accidents would allow for further modernisation of the police force.

Currently motorists have a responsibility to report an incident in person within 24 hours - the new system would save time and be more convenient for drivers, whilst also freeing up police resources. However the new system would also allow drivers to still report in person if they wish to do so.

Transport Minister Jesse Norman stated: “Our roads are among the safest in the world, in part due to the outstanding work of traffic officers. However, the current system is out of date; it takes up considerable amounts of time and increases queues for reporting crimes.

“The ability to report accidents online will make the whole process quicker and easier for both drivers and the police.”

Norman has also announced an updated system under development by the Department of Transport to allow officers to record crashes on hand held devices at the scene of the accident.

The consultation is live until Tuesday 24th April.