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New Registrations Hit Record High

According to AA analysis, the total number of new registrations in the UK, including lorries and buses, has hit a record high of 959,100 in the first quarter of this year. It is believed the reason for the increase between January and March this year was spurred by the change in Vehicle Excise Duty at the start of April.

Sales of new HGV's and ultra low emission vehicles both saw increases, whilst he registration of cars and LGV's saw a minor reduction.

AA president Edmund King stated: “Today’s official figures confirm the boost in new car sales spurred by the change in car tax on April 1. Unfortunately, the government statistics don’t yet align with the revised Vehicle Excise Duty for new cars bought from April onwards.

“The Government will have picked up a windfall in first registration fees and VAT in the first quarter of this year as new cars were bought ahead of the car tax changes. However, the impact of severely reducing the incentive to buy low-emissions cars will be lost in the statistics, perhaps because it is a sensitive issue.

“Overall, although the number of new car sales has jumped significantly, traffic on urban minor roads continues to be below pre-recession levels, as parking availability, online deliveries and higher fuel costs peg back local car use. Out on the open road, it’s a different story as a vibrant economy pushes up traffic levels on motorways and main roads.”