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New noise cameras to be introduced across the UK

The UK Government is currently prototyping new ‘noise cameras’ in an attempt to reduce the amount of noise pollution on British roads. The cameras aim to capture cars and motorbikes with exhausts that exceed the legal noise limit.

The current legal noise limit in Europe is set at 74 decibels and modifying exhaust systems to go above this limit is illegal. Noise pollution affects millions of people across the country and carries with it serious health impacts.

The cameras are already in operation across Canada, Australia and Singapore, and will work in the same way that speed cameras work - automatically capturing the number plate of vehicles breaking the sound limit as they pass. If the trial proves successful, the long term plan is to introduce fines as a deterrent to prevent drivers modifying their vehicles and breaking noise regulations.

The cameras will be trailed in residential areas, with Transport Secretary Chris Grayling stating that the “New technology will help us lead the way in making our towns and cities quieter”