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New Budget Fears over Diesel Taxation

With Chancellor Philip Hammond due to announce the new Budget next week, Government aids have hinted that diesel drivers could be set to pay even higher taxes to meet the the Clean Air Strategy.

The Clean Air Strategy will see an end to all sales of non-hybrid and diesel vehicles by 2040, it was with this announcement that the increase in diesel tax was first hinted. Since then the Soviet of Motor Manufacturers and Traders have reported a sharp fall of nearly 15% drop in the sales of diesel vehicles.

AA president Edmund King commented, ‘it is ridiculous to further demonise diesel via differential taxes when drivers are already voting with their wheels,' he said.

'Some 41 per cent of AA members own diesels but that drops ... to 16 per cent when drivers are asked what fuel their next car will run on.

'Indeed in October diesel sales were already down 29.9 per cent compared to last year.

'The Treasury should concentrate on incentives for greener cars rather than hitting diesel.'