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Need 20L of fuel?

Did you know that our online web store allows you to buy 200L barrels of fuel for nationwide delivery? Due to the popularity of these barrels, we now offer a more convenient 20L pack size of Kerosene, Gas Oil and Premium Paraffin.

The new pack size is ideal for a wide industries including; construction, logistics, plant hire, forklift trucks, gardening and entertainment.


  • Lowered risk of fuel theft with easy storage
  • Convenient to transport and handle - no forklift needed
  • Great for construction sites near completion
  • Ideal size for short term plant and machinery hire
  • Lowered risk of contamination compared to 200L barrels that are left on site
  • Quick and easy solution to run outs, a great back up size

Our entire range of fuel products, Q8Oils and ancillary products are available to browse and purchase online at your leisure.