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Nationwide fuel card coverage

AID Fuel Card Services were born from the success of our parent company, AID Fuel Oils Limited who have been operating within the fuel industry for well over 40 years.

Trading within the industry for this long has allowed us to fine tune the services which we offer to both our card and bulk fuel oil customers.

agreed, a fuel card should give you access to the best available fuel prices.

The most comprehensive savings however can be made from running the most convenient fuel card system specifically for your business. It is understandable given the worldwide increase in fuel prices that there is now an elevated importance in managing your fleets efficiency.

We recognise the importance of keeping your fleet on track, a convenient refuelling network is therefore vital.

For this reason, our new website has an easy to use site locator built specifically for our customers to find sites, easily …

  1. Select your chosen fuel card, or leave all networks blank to search all site networks
  2. Enter the town, postal code or area which you would like to search; you may even like to search for a HGV friendly or 24 hour site …
  3. Hit ‘search’

… your nine most local sites will then be listed.

Click this link to view our site NETWORKS

If you would like us to give our impartial recommendation on the most appropriate fuel card for your business, call us, a friendly member of our team will be happy to help.

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