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Manage your transportation costs with an effective fuel strategy

Rising fuel costs impact your business at all levels. When faced with rising prices; many businesses assume it is another cost that must be swallowed by the company.

Whilst it is true that changes in fuel prices are beyond our control (they are subject to a number of factors) there are strategies that can help fleet managers get more for their money. An effective fuel strategy lets you gain control over other areas of fuel usage, and will trigger savings throughout the business.

Using fuel cards is by far the easiest and most effective way of controlling your fuel costs. You will gain full visibility across your whole fleet, so you can see where and when your drivers have re-fuelled, and the cost of each fill.

Fuel cards are great for spotting any potential cases of fraud and can act as a deterrent. You will have full control over your cards, so you can cancel or stop them at any point. There is even the option of setting spending limits to daily or weekly amounts.

It is good practice to spend some time researching the best fuel prices in your area or along your drivers’ routes. With fuel cards you can blacklist certain sites to direct drivers to cheaper forecourts that you want them to use. When it comes to drops in price, fuel cards are also usually quicker to update than pump prices - helping you make savings sooner.

Comparing data from your fuel card usage with telematics software will give you a good indication of which of your employees are driving efficiently. MPG ratings will identify which drivers may be in need of a refresher course in driving techniques.

Implementing a fuel management strategy will help your business make savings straight away. Get in touch with our sales team for advice on the best fuel card for your business, you can call us on 01543 506117.