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Kerosene Barrels For Domestic Use

With the recent cold snap and parts of the country facing shortages in Kerosene, many domestic households have had to turn to ordering smaller quantities of fuel in order to ensure their central heating and hot water continues to work.

When ordering a barrel of heating oil firstly you need to consider how you will take delivery of the fuel. A barrel is a very heavy item that requires a forklift, tail lift or pump truck to move - it cannot simply be carried and tipped into your tank. It is essential to ensure that you detail in the delivery notes that you will require a fork lift for delivery if you do not have one. You will also need to be at the property to sign up for delivery.

So now you have your barrel, firstly a Drum Wrench is required to open the cap to get to the fuel. To then syphon the fuel out you will need a Rotary Drum Pump and hose - this can then be inserted into the top of your tank ready to fill. If it isn’t possible to get the barrel close enough to the tank for the hose to reach, you can also purchase empty 20L containers to decanter the fuel into, to then pour directly into the tank.

Topping up your tank with a 200L barrel of fuel it allows you to avoid having to call out an engineer to restart your boiler - which can be extremely costly - and ensure you and your family remain warm whilst you wait for your bulk oil delivery to arrive.

If you require any further help or information, please do not hesitate to contact our knowledgeable fuel oils team on 01543 465 744.