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Keeping your Milking Machine running

For dairy farmers milking machinery is a substantial investment and a breakdown can have a serious financial impact on a farm. To avoid this happening there are a number of precautions that farmers can take to protect vital machinery.

Regular services

Regularly servicing your milking machines can protect them from malfunctioning. Services should be carried out by a registered agricultural engineer (you can find a directory on The Agricultural Engineers Association's website) A service will highlight any potential problems with your machinery and should show that specific features have been checked including; the vacuum gage, the vacuum level, the pulsation system, and that there are no air leaks. If there are any problems with the machinery, the engineer will provide a list of any problems or recommendations.

Replace consumables

Make sure that you frequently change consumables including milking machine liners. Liners should be changed after every 2,000 cow milkings - if left liners can cause machines to become slow and in some cases may not fully milk out the cows. Dairy farmers also run the risk of harmful bacteria such as mastitis being spread between cows if liners are left too long in milking machines.

Check the vacuum oil pump

Milking machines rely on a vacuum pump for the majority of their operations, ensure that you top up and change the oil on your machine’s vacuum pump often to avoid breakdowns.

We sell high-quality milking machine oil designed to keep dairy machinery running as it should all year round.