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Keep your fuel costs under control with KeyFuels ControlMax

Fuel cards are a great way to keep track of your fuel expenditure and usage, helping you streamline and manage your fuel usage across your business whether small or large.

For businesses looking for flexible control over fuel expenses the Keyfuels ‘ControlMax’ option is unbeatable. Designed so that the ‘customer creates the rules’ the Keyfuels fuel card offers complete control and self-management of your fuel card account.

The Keyfuels ControlMax management system operates on specific rules set by the customer. If for some reason, any of these rules are broken then an automatic notification is triggered in the form of; a card stop, a card decline, an instant sms or email alert, or a saved alert that the customer can log in and access on their account.

Account holders can create and amend rules 24/7 using their online account and these rules will usually take effect within a one hour time frame. Rules can define various elements of card usage including; location lock-down’s, set time windows for usage, maximum transactions, and frequency of transactions. These rules can also be applied per card or across numerous cards.

With an AID fuel card account, your business has access to free online account management allowing you to keep track of your account with no extra costs.

Explore our Keyfuels fuel card.