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Is your home heating system healthy?

Your oil boiler is the heart of your home, it provides the heat and hot water that you couldn’t live without. If you’ve ever had the misfortune of experiencing a boiler breakdown you’ll know just how much your household relies on it, especially when the weather isn’t on your side either.

OFTEC recommends having your oil-fired boiler serviced at least once every 12 months by a registered engineer to ensure it continues working safely and minimise breakdown risks. There are many reasons for your oil boiler to experience a drop in efficiency and regulation maintenance will help to stay on top of these issues.

  • There are consumable parts of a boiler that will need to be replaced such as the oil nozzles. These nozzles control how much oil is injected into the boiler and over time they can wear down. If they let too much fuel pass into the boiler it can cause the heat exchange to ‘soot up’ and fail.
  • The electrodes that spark to light the fuel can erode with use and get covered with soot deposits. This may mean the boiler is not able to ignite, or that it burns fuel inefficiently.
  • Photocells are a safety feature in oil boilers and their job is to detect whether the boiler has lit. Photocells can become clouded with deposits and may not be able to detect whether the boiler has lit, causing it to shut down.
  • The exchange heater transfers heat into the heating water system. Over time smoke and partially burnt fuel can build up on the heat exchanger and it becomes less efficient. Experts recommend regularly cleaning the heat exchanger of these deposits.

Kerosene Plus

Switch to Kerosene Plus - our premium heating oil, to keep your boiler in top condition. Kerosene Plus is formulated to maintain and protect your heating system against the impurities found within modern fuels.

Kerosene Plus produces a cleaner burn to stop the build up of soot deposits and also helps to reduce the chance of sludge forming at the bottom of your boiler.