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Is it worth paying more for premium heating oil?

Many heating oil users opt for premium heating oil products all year round, but do they make a difference to your heating system?

Premium heating oils help to preserve and improve the efficiency of oil powered boilers and range cookers.

Premium kerosene is infused with additives that help protect and maintain your heating system - reducing the cost of boiler maintenance and repairs. The improved fuel also produces a cleaner burn and stops sludge deposits forming at the bottom of your tank.

Impurities in traditional fuels cause carbon deposit build-ups that damage boiler components and result in a loss of temperature. Fuels with additives help to combat the damage caused by impurities in modern fuels, they offer;

  • Improved boiler performance
  • Less sludge in the bottom of tanks
  • Lower carbon emissions
  • Improved combustion
  • Lower boiler maintenance costs and less risk of your boiler breaking down.

Kerosene Plus from AID Fuel Oils Group is a premium heating oil that will improve the efficiency of your boiler this coming winter. Click here to get your free quote now or call our office on 01543 506117