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Is it time to get your boiler serviced?

OFTEC recommends that oil boilers are given a routine service at least once a year to keep them in good working order. A boiler that isn’t regularly serviced is at risk of developing problems that could cost hundreds of pounds in repair fees if left undetected.

If you notice your boiler is affected by any of these early warning signs, its time to book in a service with an OFTEC approved boiler engineer.

  • Less warmth - does your house still feel cold even with the heating on? If you feel that your heating system is less efficient at heating your house then it probably isn’t working as it should.
  • Loud noises - hearing a few noises upon start-up is normal for any boiler but eventually those noises should fade away into the background. If your boiler continues to make unusual noises whilst it is running its definitely time to get it checked!
  • Strange smells - if your boiler is emitting any sort of smell while in use this could point to an oil leak which needs to be fixed urgently.

To keep your boiler in working order there are also other steps you can take; when having your boiler serviced ensure that the engineer also checks any oil storage tanks and supply pipes for leaks or water contamination.

Using a premium heating oil will also help to preserve the life of your boiler, Kerosene Plus is specially designed to improve the efficiency of heating oil boilers and oil fired range cookers. Its unique formulation has been developed to help protect and maintain your heating system to help reduce your boiler maintenance costs. By producing a cleaner burn, you not only improve overall performance but reduce the chance of sludge forming in the bottom of your boiler.

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