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Is fuel efficiency important for your business?

Businesses that operate fleets of any size will have to factor in fuel usage as part of their operating costs, a factor that has a profound effect on the rest of the business. As fuel prices continue to rise, transportation and production costs are also increasing which can affect the net profits of your business. Higher delivery or transportation costs could also cause rises in price for those purchasing your goods or services.

A recent study has shown that by driving more efficiently a driver can save up to £800 in fuel costs, when multiplied by an entire fleet of drivers this could amount to considerable savings. To monitor fuel efficiency, many fleet managers use telematics software to track their driver’s behaviour including fuel consumption rates. Having this data to hand is useful in identifying ways your business can reduce fuel costs and make savings.

Training drivers to drive in a more efficient manner has been proven to generate savings of up to 15% per driver. This includes advice on reducing harsh braking and accelerating, efficient gear changing and reducing idling to save fuel.

Fuel cards are another tool that transport managers can utilise to cut fuel consumption. Fuel cards provide one weekly set price for fuel which allows you to budget effectively and even make savings. With advanced reporting options also available, fuel cards can help you to analyse and make changes to the way your fleet is operating.

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