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Important changes to MOTs

The government has announced new cars will continue to have their first MOT at three years rather than the 4 years proposed. The suggested 4 year MOT test could have saved motorists an estimated £100 million each year, however this plan is now to be scrapped on safety grounds.

The DVLA also announced that there will be changes in May 2018 to the wording on MOT certificates - meaning diesel cars will graded into three categories - dangerous, major and minor.

Vehicles with minor defects that do not compromise safety or environmental effects will pass the test. Any vehicle that falls into the dangerous category will automatically fail.

Any diesel vehicle that emits visible smoke during the MOT or have had the DPF filter tampered/removed will be issued with a major fault and automatically fail.

An easy way to prevent your vehicle from receiving faults is to regularly check tyre pressure, bulbs and engine oils to ensure your vehicle is MOT ready.

A wide range of engine oils are available to purchase for applications including cars, LCVs, HGVs, coaches, tractors and motorcycles.